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As news develops through and around the community, we'll post it here so you stay informed. If you hear or know something that might benefit your neighbors and community, contact the management company by sending an email to propertymanagement@prestwyckhoa.com and let us know.

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Community Updates from the Board of Directors

Published Date: April 07, 2022

The Board of Directors of Prestwyck Homeowner’s Association, Inc. would like to take a moment to provide the Members of the Association of some Community updates and projects that are currently in progress throughout the Community.

Landscape Improvements

    Tree Replacement: Starting this week, Crape Myrtle Trees will be getting installed in place of the ones that had been removed or damaged by last years winter storm.
    Mulch Installation: Starting mid-next week, Mulch will be installed throughout the community in all the flower beds around plants and trees.
    Seasonal Color Change: Starting mid-next week, Seasonal Flowers will be installed at the entrances to the Community and throughout the flowerbeds.

We plan to have all landscape improvements completed by or before Easter Weekend, weather permitting.

Pool Repairs & Improvements

    Cosmetic Repair: Starting within two weeks, Pool Tiles are being repaired and replaced around the perimeter of the pool and the kiddie/spillway area. This is a cosmetic repair to improve to look of the pool where tiles had either fallen off, were missing, or cracked.
    Acid Wash: Once the pool tile work is completed the pool company will be lowering the water in the pool to power/acid wash the plaster to ensure cleanliness.
    Pool Equipment: Starting mid-next week, New Pool Equipment will be installed to ensure proper filtration, water flow, and all is operational for pool season.

We plan to have all pool repairs and improvements completed by or before the end of April, weather permitting.

Keep in mind “stuff happens”.

Our Community is spending a LOT of money on necessities and the Board hopes you all notice the improvements and enjoy them this summer and for years to come. Depending on all the pool repairs and the weather, we should be planning the opening of the pool date sometime mid-May. We appreciate your patience in advance.

Should you have any questions regarding theses projects in progress, please contact Essex Association Management, L.P. via the web submission tool located under the “Contact Us” tab of your Association’s website www.prestwyckhoa.com or through the TownSq app https://app.townsq.io/ais/sign-up and an Essex representative or a Member of the Board will respond promptly.


Board of Directors
on Behalf of Prestwyck Homeowner’s Association, Inc.

Prestwyck HOA

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